In this day and age of modern technology ‘PEOPLE’ are still the most important aspect as the saying goes “QUALITY IS THE BEST BUSINESS PLAN” and at WELS we are keen to provide reliable solutions to each problem through listening, caring and our dedication towards being exceptional at what we do. Therefore, we have added the facilities management services to provide you and your establishment a truly unmatched luxurious experience.

Concierge Services

We are experts at providing Concierge services to hotels, luxury apartments, deluxe residentials and personal concierges for private clients. Our concierge teams include hospitality professionals who are well trained to assist you and your guests by performing a host of different services such as making restaurant reservations, booking hotels, making transport arrangements, luggage assistance requests, laundry requests, procuring of tickets to special events, assisting with various travel arrangements, booking tours of local attractions and a lot more.

Our expertise in Residential & Corporate Concierge has allowed us to develop relations with clients far and beyond.


Bell Boy Services

The prime duty of a Bell Boy is to work closely with the front desk staff in hotels or luxury apartments, while being attentive and present to provide required assistance to guests with their luggage and transportation. The role requires the person to be friendly at the same time professional. We provide well trained staff who will maintain the dignity of your establishment and give your guests a hassle-free experience.

Kitchen Management Services

Kitchens are an inevitable part of your home. If kept in a good and neat condition with regular maintenance they help the home run smoothly. Our experienced teams are well trained and will surely make your life much simpler. The services mentioned below are in all a great way to keep everything in reach no matter how big or small is your kitchen is.

What we do:

  • Organising and shelving
  • Food Storage and labelling
  • Food and beverages chart

Vacation Home Management Services

We understand that leaving your beautiful home unattended and uncared for when you go on vacation can be upsetting. We’re here for you! We can look after your home, so on your return you don’t have to deal with incomplete tasks or a dusty home. We can even take care of any special requests you might have while you are away. Please go through our client’s testimonials to find out more.

Our packages start from as low as AED 20 per day. 

Here is what you get when you let us take care of your home:

  • Weekly images and videos of the upkeep of your home.
  • Maintenance and watering of indoor and outdoor plants.
  • Clean Linen before your arrival.
  • A spotlessly clean Home
  • Happy and healthy Pet (if you have one)
  • Laundry picked up and delivered
  • Essential groceries all stocked up
  • Post and parcel Collected
  • Emergency callouts

It’s almost like you never left! Isn’t it?

Maid Training Services

Domestic staff are generally looked at someone to do your household chores, play with the kids, keep your homes, cars clean and also possess the knowledge to perform every task, be self-motivated and smile all the time. Well in our experience of training domestic staff for over 4 years in the UAE, only 3% fit the above-mentioned profile.

The core focus of conducting this training program is to identify and focus on:

  • The skills that the household staff may need to work on and to develop the same.
  • Identify his/her key skills and enhance it even further to increase performance

Many of the households have great domestic help but at many occasions fail to perform due the following reasons:

  • Lack in motivation
  • Low self esteem
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Limitations to an organized approach

Areas of Focus:

  • Introduction and importance of the training program
  • Personality development and grooming
  • Food and beverage service

Wardrobe Management Services

WELS wardrobe stylists focus on empowering and inspiring people. Wels helps people rediscover themselves and build their confidence by creating their signature style. Through a series of consultations, we create individual style statements and refine our client’s personal and professional image.

Here’s what you get when you let us take care of your Wardrobe:

  • Identifying and developing your personal brand.
  • Overall assessing your signature style.
  • Identifying your personal colour palette.
  • Reorganising your entire wardrobe.
  • Arrange it as per styles into daily, work, evening wear etc.
  • Labelling and batch organising.
  • Alteration Services.